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  BunnyRabbit2 80fd6ed8b2 Changed readme.md to reflect gh-pages 3 years ago
  BunnyRabbit2 ec51076fd4 Changed default loading to include any txt files in Datasets folder 3 years ago
  BunnyRabbit2 d0ff1834ab Fixed an issue with loading a dataset through the menu 3 years ago
  Lewis Storey 7ea8d456db Merge pull request #1 from BunnyRabbit2/XmlInput 3 years ago
  BunnyRabbit2 3e0e5e3482 Fixed key collision issue 3 years ago
  BunnyRabbit2 417134e339 Fixed loading datasets from menu 3 years ago
  BunnyRabbit2 03cbe3f360 Major Refactoring. 3 years ago
  BunnyRabbit2 c7414a516c Added program info to help menu 3 years ago
  BunnyRabbit2 2f87485762 Added Logger instead of logfile 3 years ago
  BunnyRabbit2 343db72ff6 Added datasets as XML files 3 years ago
  BunnyRabbit2 98efbaf6f3 Added output to XML 3 years ago
  BunnyRabbit2 cf8e5e809b Added output to txt file 3 years ago
  Lewis Storey 980465da7d Updates Readme.md 3 years ago
  BunnyRabbit2 f3eb24450c Added open-sans licence 4 years ago
  BunnyRabbit2 4e9e5d7e62 Updated readme file 4 years ago
  BunnyRabbit2 29a6099dbf Added loading datasets outside of the defaults 4 years ago
  BunnyRabbit2 5a8f39d024 Added .gitignore to sort out VS files showing up 4 years ago
  Lewis Storey a54907d546 Update README.md 4 years ago
  Lewis Storey b3871a74ee Accidently added this to the commit. oops 4 years ago
  BunnyRabbit2 389739c7aa Added code from old project and rewrote some bits to make things a little clearer 4 years ago
  BunnyRabbit2 37940c50d0 Initial Commit for files generated by VS2012 Express 4 years ago
  Lewis Storey 81df691551 Initial commit 4 years ago